Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rented for the Masters

In the hoopla of Zella's test results, I completely forgot to mention something uber awesome...

After a few crazy "QUICK!  HIDE EVERYTHING!" house showings, we are happy to announce that our home has been rented for this upcoming 2016 Masters Tournament!

We are so happy it rented quickly as I'm not sure how many more pre-tour house cleaning sessions  my kids could take.  So for now we are enjoying the place...until January through March, that time of year when Augustans walk around Target and Publix like they are auditioning to be extras in "The Walking Dead" in between endless pre-Masters home purging.  I shall be one of these next year.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Update on Zella

Zella's geneticist called today.  The micro array came back and was...completely normal.  This doesn't completely rule out a genetic condition, but it certainly brings us far closer to a potential diagnosis I would rather ignore.

Cerebral Palsy.

"...sitting in the rubble, I can see the stars."

I have taken everything in my life for, parents, husband, kids, family, upbringing, home, health, safety...until now.  It is only now, thirty years into my life, that I am painfully aware of what so many in this world have known for years, or perhaps for a lifetime - we are not promised a life of gumdrops and roses.  Many of us are blessed beyond measure, but life's trials always come.

I am lucky to know many brave and courageous friends who have walked this road long before me...with so much grace and dignity.  I have witnessed a gorgeous little boy, Henry, "embrace the bif" and defy the odds over and over and over again with each setback, every emergency surgery, and countless specialist appointments.  And I have seen his mother, Erin, walk this road beside him...never once wavering in her faith.  Where many most would fall apart, she looks to the only one who carries us when we can not go on.

Our little girl may never measure up to the world's standards when it comes to physical perfection, but Zella's life has a far greater purpose.

I have so much to learn from her.

"Only when we're broken are we whole."

Friday, July 10, 2015

Clek Foonf vs Britax Advocate Clicktight - The Car Seat Dilemma

Ahhhh...the time has come, my friends.  Our dearly beloved Orbit infant car seat AND toddler car seat both expire in October, a mere 3 months from now.  The infant car seat has been used through all four of our kids - purchased at the end of '08, it has carried Cole ('09), Vera ('11), Asher ('13), and now Zella ('14).  The Orbit toddler car seat was purchased in early '09 and carried all but Zella.  In a way I am happy we are using them until their expiration dates because it makes it easier for me to part with them, knowing they are technically no longer safe to be used.

Anyway, getting past the strangely emotional car seat talk, we are now in the market for a new convertible car seat.  Cole currently rides in a Clek Oober full back booster seat, which we really like.  Vera is in the Clek Foonf convertible car seat, forward facing, and although it is a heavy one, the Foonf is pretty amazing.  After the expiration in October, Asher will be sitting in the Britax Advocate Clicktight that is currently in Jake's car - it has been the quintessential "hold any kid" and "install any which way" car seat, easily adjusting to fit any situation we can throw at it.  This leaves Zella without a seat, so I am wondering which way to go...

Another Foonf...

or another Britax Advocate Clicktight...


Monday, July 6, 2015

The Moving Process...Dragging On...And On...And On.

We are happy to be back in Augusta, and this time in a home that we own and truly love!  The family is still living out of boxes.  I would say we have probably opened a little over half of them, perhaps more.  I'm trying to work on one room at a time to keep myself motivated to continue.  I like to see the completion of something versus only skimming the surface of the entire house...if that makes any sense.

Of course with home ownership comes some craziness, which we knew to expect (this is coming from the person who, on her 30th birthday, purchased a brand new HVAC for $3,500 for the townhome we sold two weeks later - yeah).  Roughly 4 days after moving into our home, the termite guy was checking out the crawl space in order to set up a termite bond for us.  Much to our surprise, he told us that we have ACTIVE termites on one of the walls of the crawl space, not causing any structural damage, but just there...alive and well.  Of course this is precisely what we found out during the inspection we had done prior to closing on the home.  And thus one of our stipulations prior to closing was that the active termites needed to be dealt with appropriately or else we would walk.

After a few phone calls (where Jake learned of some severe shadiness, to say the least), we found out that the "receipt" given to us before closing, supposedly detailing the clean up of the infestation, was actually an estimate.  Per the pest control company, baits were hurriedly put back down again (they had been taken up for nonpayment in years prior), but after receiving no payment for this portion (merely step 1 of a 2 step process to eliminating the termites) nothing else was done to stop the active infestation.  I would say I was shocked, but based on prior interactions, this seemed par for the course.

Our amazing realtor managed to, yet again, save the day.  We are now officially covered with a termite bond, something everyone in the CSRA should have...but don't get me started there.  Termites are the state bird here in Georgia, but apparently they won't infest your home if you just ignore them long enough...?

Back to the inspection - so the termite guy was in the crawl space and noticed water slowly draining from somewhere on the first floor down into the subfloor.  Fast forward to Jake and I finding out that the icemaker in the living room has been leaking into the floor for an unknown period of time.  Pile on top of that the fact that an idiot installed a separate water line for said icemaker (which literally dumps water into the crawl space) DIRECTLY next to the actual line created by the builder (you know, the one left there precisely for that appliance).  Cray.

Now to the damage - there is a smallish area of flooring that is moderately to severely bowed.  I was slightly panicking about it until God sent us the original contractor who installed/finished the floor to look at it today.  I was ecstatic when he said he thought the boards would indeed lay back down!  It will most likely take 3-4 months, but they should get significantly better.  If at that point the wood doesn't lay all the way back down, flush with the other planks, he said he is easily able to sand the affected area down and re-finish it for a whopping $400.  SOLD!  Great guy.  I mean between the appliance repair guy and the plumber having to re-do the line, it sounds like the floor may end up being the cheapest fix.  Bullet dodged!

Despite a few setbacks, our actual move was by far the BEST move yet (shout out to Sixth Man Movers in Nashville for being AMAZING!)  We are so grateful to be here and excited to see what the future brings...

...we're back!